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​​​Companies small and large face the daily challenges of limiting "leakage" or "loss", and an unfortunate reality is that fraud and theft have become very common in many work environments. 


An investigation by an independent third party such as,

FYI Private Investigators Inc. will assist in confirming or negating your suspicions. This will allow you the opportunity to make decisions with confidence and accuracy. 


An independent investigation by FYI Private Investigators Inc. is an assured extension of your corporate due diligence.  Confidentiality, unbiased handling and discretion are at the forefront of our everyday practice. 


Our firm can assist and help you reduce risks and minimize unnecessary costs. We specialize in discreet camera installations within any workplace.

F.Y.I. Private Investigators are experienced professionals trained specifically to conduct discreet mobile surveillance investigations. Our specialized surveillance investigation unit will provide unbiased intelligence for your company or client, accompanied with accurate, detailed reports, quality video documentation and photographic evidence.


Our undercover investigators will covertly detect, gather and document the necessary evidence that our clients at FYI P.I. are interested in, while gaining and maintaining the trust of employees within the particular work space.  Remaining discreet in an undercover operation is imperative to the outcome of the investigation.  Only experienced investigation agencies can be trusted for such a task. The investigators safety and the clients desire to remain discreet throughout this process is a must.



Work Related Injury Claims


Breach of Company Policies    

Cargo/Warehouse Theft 


Static and Stationary Surveillance   
Corporate Intelligence 


Internal External Theft and Fraud 


Surveillance of Valuable Shipment Containers 

Investigation of  Executives

Missing Inventory Investigations 

Undercover Operations 

Employee Pre-screening 

Suspicious Workplace Activity 

Illegal Drug Use 

Workplace Violence and Threats 

Proprietary Information Theft 

Employee 'Theft of 'Time'

​Hidden Camera Installations


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