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​FYI Private Investigators Inc. is Canada's leader in discreet Private Investigations. We offer the most experienced Private Investigators that utilize the latest technology to assist in documenting and producing the highest quality information available for Personal Injury Insurance Claims Investigations. 

Our office headquarters is located in Hamilton and we regularly conduct insurance investigations throughout Ontario, including the Toronto area, Hamilton, Windsor, Niagara, London and Brantford.

FYI Private Investigators have the knowledge and extensive experience investigating insurance related fraud and attempted fraud claims. We pride ourselves on our ability, gained through many years of experience investigating insurance injury claims and fraud, in providing precise quality investigative results accompanied by clear video documentation and comprehensive reports, all in a timely manner. 

Each case is approached in an unbiased manner and we conduct all private investigations as impartial gatherers of facts.  We respect the parameters as set forth by our clients and work within them.  Every measure is taken to protect the confidentiality of our client. 

The client is updated throughout the course of the investigation, and presented with a formal, comprehensive written report, as well as duplicate copies of acquired video and picture documentation in any format.

Our Private investigations are prepared and handled from their inception until completion with potential litigation in mind. Uncovering, documenting, preserving and interpreting evidence is what our investigators are trained to do and we will gladly stand as a witness in any insurance case for our clients. Property and Casualty or Life and Health Disability investigations are handled by experienced investigators that work closely with claims examiners.

Our services to property, casualty and life disability insurers include:

Surveillance Investigations

Video Documentation

Degree or Confirmation of Disability

Restrictions and Limitations 

Employment Status

Daily Activities Check

Vacation Surveillance



Psychiatric Observation

Mode of Transportation


Previous Accident Claim

Statement and Interview   Investigations

Property Title, Registry and


Criminal History Check

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